Making markets globally accessible and locally affordable

Institutional Finance


Secure custodial safe-keeping of digital assets insured by a third party and suitable for all regulated firms. METAVAULT™ provides the strongest protections in the world while hiding the complexities of token storage and entitlements.


Best Execution for blockchains. The world's centralised and decentralised exchanges are brought together into one consolidated book, and our world-class algorithms help get you there first at better prices. Backed by METAVAULT™, your funds are also safer than ever.

Consumer Finance

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User-friendly low-risk, high-return trading action. Point and click real-time charts make trading simple and you can always see the essential trade information before you commit. With zero spread, zero fees and free guaranteed stops you can never lose more than you put in. Designed for trades from 20 minutes to a few days, TIQL® fits around work and family.

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We’re looking for the world’s top trading talent. Challenge yourself on this fun, free app that’s simple to use but difficult to master. SparkProfit™ fits your schedule because you can make long or short predictions, then review or cancel them at any time. As your skills improve, you will get more points. Compete against other players for higher score and rewards.




We have decades of experience trading in capital markets across the world. Our heritage of building algos, market making engines and other cutting edge tools at Investment Banks shines through in our products.


We've been working with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since 2013. We have experience of trading, managing, analysing and even designing decentralised cryptographic assets.


As a fintech company with engineering represented at the highest levels, NOUS® actively chose to create key components from scratch. We have built up considerable IP over the years, from front to back end, in multiple languages. We recognised the importance of owning 100% of our supply chain so we are able to test ideas and iterate very quickly, without needing to wait.


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Whitelabel & Partnerships

NOUS® owns all Intellectual Property related to its products. You can licence our software, from client apps to risk management systems, to reach fast growing markets before your competition. Speak to us about JV and partnership opportunities.

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Automated Trading Solutions

NOUS® has first-hand knowledge of blockchain markets since 2013. We can offer bespoke algorithmic trading systems for you to operate your own arbitrage or market-making enterprises. Our CEO is a market microstructure expert with 20 years experience.

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Mechanism Design

NOUS® has released several successful apps based upon unique incentive and technology solutions. It has also advised several ICOs on their cryptoeconomics, improving stakeholder alignment and eliminating attack vectors to create more valuable assets.

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We are usually working on one or more side projects, and love to investigate interesting new ideas in the crypto, finance and gaming spaces. Contact us and see if there is some way to collaborate. The world is not zero-sum!



Nous Global is a Public Limited Company registered in the United Kingdom with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man.

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