NOUS FUND's investment objective is low-beta, high Sharpe-ratio returns.


NOUS FUND will only invest in currencies and other highly liquid instruments traded on electronic financial markets.

Unique alpha

NOUS FUND uses the realtime signal from thousands of people playing our patent-pending game as one of its inputs. However this is a lot more than a simple crowd-sourcing system. Thanks to our signup and play procedures, we know that each player is a unique individual and we have their complete trading history. From the combination of history and live inputs we are able to make a short-term price prediction and corresponding confidence value, that gives our fully automated system a human edge unlike any other in history.

External investment

We are currently building up data before opening to outside investment. If you are a H.N.W.I., or represent a professional investment firm then please contact us by emailing [email protected], and we will let you know once we are ready.